Megan Meier Tragedy

This article in the New Yorker by Lauren Collins is both utterly disturbing and surprisingly eye opening.  I simply cannot fathom the idea that my friends mother could ever try to hurt me in such a deceitful and humiliating way, no matter how bad my feud with her daughter was and no matter how wrong I was.

Megan was thirteen when she took her life.  Already struggling from mental instabilities and deep insecurities most have in their teen years, she was taken advantage of by her neighbors and family friends, Curt and Lori Drew.  Megan struggled with her weight all her life, her mother even recalls her comparing her legs to the other girls in her class at the tender kindergarten years.  In the third grade she confessed she wanted to kill herself and was sent to a psychiatrist and was put on heavy medications.  Even so, the people around her saw her as an imaginative and courageous girl.

The Drew family, having spent a lot of time with Megan in the past, was well aware of Megan’s low self esteem and they used it as a medium to completely destroy her, and eventually they succeeded in their task. The Drew mother and daughter created a false myspace account of Josh, Megan’s dream boy, handsome and completely crazy about Megan, but little did Megan know that he was in fact her friends own mother.  They made sure that all of Josh’s information matched Megan’s interests.  Megan believed she met her dream guy, her escape, and her happiness, when in fact it was anything but.  Josh was her biggest trap.  Collin refers to him as “an online Frankenstein’s monster, geared to the needs of an insecure, excitable teen-age girl, Josh’s components were carefully chosen to exploit Megan’s vulnerabilities. His profile picture was lifted from that of a handsome teen-age boy. He listened to Rascal Flatts, Korn, and Nickelback. His “turn-ons” included tongue piercings and being nibbled on the ear.”  They seduced and manipulated an innocent, insecure, and young girl.”   How on earth could a mother ever invent such a thing?  And how could she not have any consequences for it?  This mother is clearly more troubled then anyone else in this whole situation.

As time went on “Josh” and Megan began arguing.  She began calling her demeaning and offensive names, poking at Megan’s insecurities.  The last conversation they had before her death, Josh wrote, “You’re a shitty person, and the world would be a better place without you in it.”

Soon after Megan Meier hanged herself.  This leads me to ask, who was it that really killed Megan?  Was in her own instability or was it instigated by the Drew family.  I cannot help but hold Lori Drew and everyone involved accountable.  Because of their insensitiveness and cruelty that Megan panicked and died.

Absurdly enough, Lori Drew received no consequences but she will not ever be free because she will have this guilt following her for the rest of her life.


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