Politics 2.0: Social Mobilization and Protest



After reading this article I realized that their truly has been a revolution in our world today.  Yes, it is partly the internet in general, but I think more specifically it is social medial.  The way social media allows people to communicate and know about each other seems almost surreal.  It takes almost no effort to get in touch with people or just share your opinion to the world and have people read and respond to you.  It takes seconds, as though we are living in a small town where everybody knows everything about you… only it is the whole world.  Websites like facebook allow you to realize this. One of the most positive things this revolution has led to is social activism online.

I find it incredible how people can  protest, share photos, call for help all on their facebooks or twitters, and within second the world knows and people can literally change the world like this.  It puts in to perspective how much power the internet gives us to literally change opinions, teach and learn fro others.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about how in the 60s it weeks to join approximetely seventy thousand people to join in a protest againt segregation, today it it takes a matter of hours.  “‘Without Twitter the people of Iran would not have felt empowered and confident to stand up for freedom and democracy,’ Mark Pfeifle, a former national-security adviser, later wrote, calling for Twitter to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.”  Via social networking Irani people could defend themselves and communicate what was really goig on in the world without any boundries.  During the occupy wallstreet movement social media had a huge impact aswell.  We are even able to keep better track of Al Qaeda though the internet.

This way of protesting has almost no limits.  Whether the dovernment likes it or not people are going to post their ideas and opnions and there is really nothing that can stop people.  The internet has given power over things that alwasy made us completely powerless in the past.  It is evident that this is not just a fase or a trend, but this is a revolution that has left a huge mark in human history.


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