Facebook affects grades of university students

In todays society Facebook is clearly dominating much of peoples social lives.  Because of this, it is one of the biggest distractions, especially to university students.  Even so, is it fair to blame Facebook for the poor delivery of students work or would those students find a way to distract themselves without Facebook?  Alex Wilhelm argues that ‘bad students gonna be bad.’  Before it was chatting all night on the phone, then it was instant messaging, and now it is Facebook.  Wilhelm says that it is not Facebook that is the issue but it is simply that many students “want to do something other than homework…” and therefore they use Facebook, just like people used to doodle in their journals.  Although I understand this hypothesis, I think that Facebook wins the prize for a students ultimate distraction.

Facebook controls  much of kids, teens, and adults social lives.  It consumes so much time out of our day, when you are on and off the computer.  Many even refer to it as a drug or an addiction.  It is such a simple and easy way to talk with others and see what people are up to.  I cannot deny that I too am completely hooked.  Even so, is Facebook really only fun and games?  Is it really a genius invention that has altered the way we can all connect or is it actually this addictive drug?  Facebook has become one of the biggest distractions amongst university students, to the point where their grades are suffering the consequences, more so then the old fashioned all night phone calls.

People pay no money, effort or time when they simply type FACEBOOK on to their browser, making a lazy kids ultimate distraction.  Their is really no way of escaping it… and I have found very few people that can.  Even when I go in to the school library, a place created for people to strictly focus on their studies, everyone has their Facebook pages up.  As much as I think Facebook is positive in terms of connecting people from all over the world, and sharing things about yourself, I think it truly has not helped with anyones academic lives.  Their have been numerous times where I have had to deactivate my Facebook during an exam week, and I know I am not the only one.

The problem is that we have no way of changing this distraction, it is here to stay, and may eventually even get worse as technology advances.  Perhaps, grade schools should train students how to manage their time and then there will be a solution.



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